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Simple, secure, and scheduled, we aim to give you the best experience possible. Offload the stress and complexity of payroll to our personal team of experts. UIF Registration and submission. PAYE registration and submission.

Outsourced Payroll Services

We streamline your payroll processing with our end to end encrypted digital solutions ensuring accurate, timely and guaranteed compliance.

Did you know the potential fine for each Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) violation and penalty for failure to file UIF and PAYE is estronomically high? Avoid costly mistakes, save time, and get peace of mind from our expert advisors. With an average of 30 years of experience and a client satisfaction rating average of 4.9/5, you’re in good hands.

What are you struggling with?

  • Managing payroll in-house?
  • Is keeping up with ever-changing regulations giving you sleepless nights?
  • Worry about compliance with labor laws and tax regulations?
  • Is handling confidential payroll information and data security a nightmare for you?

Safe time and money. Protect your confidentiality by entrusting your payroll with us. Our end to end encrypted software is bulletproof. With our decades of experience and knowledge you can be assured that you will be compliant with all legislation requirements.

You’ve got enough to worry about….

Let us handle your payroll


You don’t need the distraction and stress of meeting payroll deadlines and legislation demands.

There is one of two choices. Do you spend time to keep up with payroll legislation and changes, employ staff to do the administration and to handle payroll queries or do you want to focus on managing your business, and growing your sales portfolio?

Business savvy enterprises are increasingly outsourcing their payroll as running a compliant payroll department has become increasingly time-consuming. Legislative requirements had increased and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. This can cause confusion and could result in hefty fines.

Legislative changes aside, payroll administrators has to stay on top of changes in the SARS efiling system and electronic submission requirements.

Outsourcing your payroll sets you free from having to deal with legislative complexity allowing you to focus on your business operations at a much lower overall cost. You and your employees have access to professional assistance without the huge cost tag.

Tailored for your business

Each business has unique requirements. We tailor our payroll packages to suit your individual needs.

how can we help?

What is included in our service?

  • Registration with relevant authorities (PAYE/UIF/SDL/COIDA)
  • Processing of payroll – creation of payslips of employees
  • Employer reports according to your needs
  • Employee and third party payments
  • Submission of information to third party entities dependent on payroll Unions
  • Bargaining councils
  • Medical Aids
  • Pension & Provident Funds
  • Garnishees
  • Third party payment reconciliations
  • Submission of returns to SARS and other regulatory authorities
  • Mid-year submissions (IRP5 and EMP501)
  • End of year submissions (IRP5 and EMP501)
  • Returns and payments for PAYE, UIF and SDL
  • Pre-warning of company filing deadlines
  • End of year returns to COIDA (return of earnings)
  • Submissions to the Department of Labour
  • Management of Garnishee Orders and A88 forms
  • Applications for Letters of Good Standing

Our Packages Are Tailored To Suit Your Needs

  • Basic entry level package from R60* per employee per month
  • Premium packages available to meet all needs
  • Free first consultation
  • Free employment legislation check

*Special assumes one monthly pay run and includes payroll processing and EMP201 submission, but excludes software licensing, payments on your behalf and printing cost for payslips (if required as most employers email payslips).

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how can we help?


With us, you get access to the following:

  • A free initial consultation and check to verify current legislation compliance
  • A trusted partner with over 25 years payroll, HR and tax experience
  • Our end to end encrypted, market leading software can handle anything from 3 to 1000 employees
  • A full service solution including software and processing with the added benefits of:
    • A cloud based software platform with user-friendly, easy access from all your devices including your mobile
    • No software licensing charges and no additional upgrade charges
    • A single fixed cost per employee per payroll period – no hidden charges
    • A stress free solution – we do everything for you
    • A cost-effective product to meet your budget
    • Access to a dedicated payroll consultant and helpline

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